Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bead Placement

Hi All,
WOW, all the finished Hanami stoles (and even the unfinished ones) are all so gorgeous!!! I'm a Ba-a-a-d KALer but had to finish up some projects, so I'm just getting started. I was wondering if I could gather up some ideas for bead placement on the blossom part of the stole. Those of you who beaded... where'd you put them? I appreciate the input.

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Cayli said...

I did beads in the blossoms section and I started out with very few, like one per every 2-3 rows and then added more as the YO's increased but never more then 3 per row.

T. said...

Mimi- like your comment on how you're a "Ba-a-a-d" Kal-er. Very appropriate!!

MimiCatKnits said...

thanks cayli, did you scatter the beads in the "knit" section? I was thinking of using the beads to outline 1/2 of a blossom here and there. Would that put them in an awkward place?

MimiCatKnits said...

Hi T.

OK, just to show you what a dumbass I can be somethimes ... I didn't even realize what I had done!!! Who knew I was such a comedian?

Cayli said...

When I did them in the first charts where there is so much knitting I did them in the knitted areas rather then by a YO, but that is more because I wanted them to be like "extra" blossoms in the overall look. Really since the pattern is so random it is hard to go wrong unless you use too many I think.