Sunday, October 7, 2007

We have a completed Hanami in the house!!!

Yea! I finished my Hanami last night and blocked it today! Beautiful! Whew! My first major lace piece and I'm hooked. However, I found out I hate blocking. I need to find someone to do that part of it - I'll pay!!! I used weedeater string and my back is killing me from bending over and threading it through on the floor!

It was worth it though! Now, to find an occasion to wear it - it'll have to wait - Mother Nature still thinks it's summer here in Mississippi!

Chanda in Mississippi


T. said...

It's gorgeous Chanda! What's your next lace work going to be?

Amanda said...

Love that colour. Looks great. I also used weed eater cord and suffered a sore back spending all that time on the floor - there has to be a better way next time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, T. I started Hint #1 in the Secret of the Stole in Cherry Tree Hill Java colorway. I have the two points done and think I might can actually keep on track on this one. The MS3 is still in the closet - worked through clue 4, I think. (Don't tell it, but I'm thinking about frogging it!)

I also have the yarn kit for the Icelandic Shawl, but it'll wait for another time. I have Cmas knitting to do!!!

Amanda, I can hardly walk today! After I finished blocking and resting (with knitting in hand), I went outside and actually refinished the base of our dining room table. It was a verdigris green base with a heavy glass top. It's now a bronze color with champagne gold metallic brushed on and wiped off. Beautiful! Don't know where I found all that energy this weekend. I usually just sit and knit!

Lora said...

Gorgeous - it's pictures like this that keep me plugging along! :)