Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hanami Sheep and Yarn

Catknip asked about the sheep that provide the wool for the yarn that I am spinning for Hanami (also have silver grey that I am spinning for the Pendants shawl from Heartstrings) There are lots of sheep photos on my personal blog and sadly outdated website, but I will share one here of the flock back in July, grazing on pasture. The roving I am spinning this yarn from was a combination of most of my white sheep

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Here is yesterdays spinning results, too. Another skein of 2-ply, about a fine fingering weight yarn. I am spinning this on my little Louet S45 (love, love, love this wheel and am sad to hear that Louet is discontinuing them)

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I am thinking of altering my stole a little bit. I was thinking I might knit 4 repeats (or maybe 5) of the basket weave on each end and then in the center (the part that will fall across my back) doing one of the cherry blossom charts - either B or C. I don't think I will put beads across the back, but will have beads at both ends. I don't know though, I am really loving those beads!

What do you all think? I would love opinions!


MimiCatKnits said...

Oh no you didn't!! I was thinking that I'd put 2 basketweave repeats at each end to incorporate that part of the theme into my kinda-all-blossom version!!! Great minds, huh?!?
Maria ;)

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

LOL...if you already mentioned that on the blog here, I probably "copied" from you ;D

I don't much care for the really busy final chart - is it F? - and yet I don't want the back to appear to solid, either. I'll play around a bit before I get to that part I guess, to decide which chart to use.

Are you going to use the transition chart, from basketweave to cherry blossoms? I haven't decided that yet, either ;)

MimiCatKnits said...

Actually I just thought about it while I was working on the stole last night ... never posted about it so you did't steal my grand plan ;)
I'm not crazy about that last blossom chart either, which is what made me think to replace it with the basketweave. Not sure how I'm going to tackle the transition... I started out to do the all-blossom version so I started in the middle of the stole. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

T. said...

Think it's a great idea !! Can't wait to see the result.

catknip said...

Thanks for the sheep update. I'm going to have to check out your website. Personally, I think I would enjoy shearing the sheep more than spinning the wool. Although, did you read the Yarn Harlot? She had some interesting techniques for spinning and unravelling.

I think your idea sounds great - both of them.

catknip said...

OK checked out your site and I LOVE the sheep!

Why are some wearing coats?