Monday, October 22, 2007

Wedding Hanami

Despite missing my friend's wedding ceremony due to an "incident" (this is how the RCMP officer described the problem) that closed the highway to Edmonton for approximately 4 hours on Saturday, my fiance and I made it to the wedding reception. I'm so glad we were able to make it to the reception - it was really lovely and my friend Lucy looked so beautiful. I brought my Hanami and here is a picture.
Of course I have to include a pic of the beautiful couple, Mr and Mrs Lucy and Mike Mussieux:

I felt terrible about missing the ceremony, but Lucy was very understanding. Apparently a number of people were traveling from out of town and didn't make it. Lucy and Mike are now heading to Hawaii for a very relaxing honeymoon.


catknip said...


Lauren said...

The bride or the Hanami? Just kidding - I think the bride significantly outshined the Hanami!

T. said...

The bride looks fabulous - as do you! Nice pic!!

Did anyone ask you about it?? I love when people say to me - oh, where did you get that? or, did your grandma knit it?

MimiCatKnits said...

How beautiful... you, the Hanmi and the bride! Congrats to all of you!