Sunday, August 26, 2007

Alteration Question

So, I'm finished (I think) gathering my supplies, and eagerly awaiting casting on this Saturday for Hanami. I've chosen a Mama-E laceweight yarn in "Suede" that's a good mix of pale, pale pink and darker pink to almost lavender - just like the actual blossoms. So now I'm happy with my yarn choice, and I'm looking over the pattern closely.

I think I want to knit the stole with only blossoms, no latticework. I'm kinda in the mood for randmomness, not structure, so that version seems appealing to me. The issue is - what if I wanted a single panel of the latticework in the center of the stole? Upon reading the directions, Melanie suggests just casting on the desired number of stitches and knitting the petal sections, then picking back up your cast-on and knitting them again. Would it be possible to knit a panel of the latticework that she's designed? I'm thinking either the transitional chart, then the petal charts both times??? Or maybe just the basketweave, then a break (of YO's or whatever), then the petals on both sides. But now I'm thinking - how would I get the YO's on the opposite side once I've picked up to begin knitting the second half? Would this work out "right"?

Am I making sense? I'm hopped up on cold medicine right now, so this may not be the best time to try to rewrite what a brilliant designer has done already! OY!

(see, my eyes are crooked from the cold medicine!)

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