Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yarn in, hook purchased, beads found (sort of)...

I received my yarn in the mail on Monday. Much to my delight, the pink was lighter-colored in person than it looked on my monitor when I bought it, and thus was closer to what I really wanted for this stole. I got a couple of teensy steel crochet hooks at the LYS today (both fit really easily through my beads-- sizes 0.8 and 0.75 mm) and I already have some beads that will be perfect for the stole. I've been holding onto these beads for a while because I just hadn't found the right project for them yet, there are 50 of them and they look perfect with the yarn. (Don't they really look like raindrops?!)
My only issue is that I want to enlarge the stole to 22" x 90", and although I should have plenty of yarn for this, I think I might end up a bead or two short for the cast-on. I'm doing the math tonight, and then if I need to I will hit the bead store tomorrow to find a close-enough substitute. These beads are not all that unusual, so I should find something that will work if I need to.


catknip said...

Your yarn is gorgeous and you're very adventurous to go with the beads. I know what you mean about making it bigger. I spoke with my YG (Yarn Guru) and I decided that I'm going to knit the pattern in a slightly heavier yarn. It's SISU in light forest green. I know all the hardcore knitters will be appalled but I just don't feel like I can work with something too dainty.

aj said...

You'll love working with that yarn - I just finished mine with Misti Alpaca lace in Natural White and I couldn't be more pleased with it!

And yes, your beads DO look like raindrops!