Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bead Mania!

I managed to make a HUGE deal out of going to a special bead shop to buy my beads -- and what a crack-house that was! Soooooo much eye candy -- dangerous! I left with my $3.98 tube of beautiful, silvery beads -- and $45 worth of stuff to make myself a red coral necklace, a friend some chicken earrings, etc. .... * sigh * I swatched up my Zephyr and practiced the beaded knit cast-on - no problems! I'm so excited to begin.

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J. said...

Wow! You're really busy, aren't you? I just picked up some beads today. They're 6/0, so a little big but the color is great and I think it'll be fine since I'm just beading the cast on edge.