Sunday, August 26, 2007

"official" start date?

Is there an official start date? I have my yarn, silver fino, and gunmetal beads. But I want to get to a certain point on a sweater before I put that down and work on the hanami. I thought I would have reached that point a few days ago, but the sweater is taking a bit longer than I anticipated.

I've never knit with beads before, is the cast on hard to learn? Looking forward to this knit, I like a challenge!


obsessmuch? said...


Check this link out:

It's starting on the 31st as the official date. I've been wondering about this too and am glad your question prompted me to get this answered more clearly!

Cayli said...

Don't fear the beaded cast on. It really is easy just time consuming. I think it is really worth it as it looks great.

pieheart said...

I'm so glad the beaded cast on isn't difficult! I can't even look at the pattern yet, I need to finish this part of the sweater (Cece) I'm making. If I let myself read the hanami pattern I will get distracted and the sweater will sit. And sit. I'm easily distracted by new projects!

Also glad I have some time before the official start-up! There is that pair of socks that needs finishing too. That way I can give the hanami my "all" !