Thursday, August 23, 2007

Silk and Pearl Hanami

Well, I finally swatched for the Hanami KAL. I am using 100% silk 2/18 in a beautiful pale Azure blue silk from Colourmart. I am using it doubled. I could kick myself because I should have had Colourmart twist the two strands together, but, I'll manage. This yarn has the most beautiful sheen and soft feel. It isn't very slippery, which is what I was afraid of. I didn't want it slipping off my Crystal Palace Bamboo needles. I am going to use Swarovski glass pearls for the beads. I figured, Japanese inspired design, I'll go with silk and pearls.

I am still working on MS3. I am stalled on Clue 4. I was tinking back more than I was knitting so I had to put it down for a little while. But, now that the Hanami KAL is so close, I have to get my tail in gear! Southeastern Wisconsin is wet, wet, wet, and humid, humid, humid. I can't wait to start Hanami. Lace knitting has taked over all of my thoughts. I am totally in love. My husband is starting to see my lace knitting as my "bit on the side". LOL


J. said...

Keep that silk, dry! I'd hate to have a lace emergency over there.

I love lace, too. I'm making my Hanami out of pewter Zephyr but I have a little silk with seacell laceweight in a gorgeous pale blue color just waiting for a rainy day.

No pun intended.

yarnfloozie said...

Silk and pearls...that sounds lovely.