Friday, August 31, 2007

Dyeing to get started

I've had a small set back in the yarn dept.
I planned on using KP Alpaca Cloud as I have 2 hanks in the same Peppermint color that Melanie used, but it didn't work out. I swatched with every size and type of needle that I own (and they are Legion) and never got a fabric I liked. I finally realized that it wasn't the needles but the yarn. I am not feeling the love for Alpaca Cloud.
This actually turned out to be a good thing because it meant that I Got To Dye Yarn. I love dyeing yarn...sigh!

I mixed up some Wilton's Icing paste in pink and some neon pink food coloring and handpainted some KP Bare laceweight. It's hanging up to dry now. I'll take some pics before and after I wind it.

I am undecided about using beads. I had beads in MS3, and the Secret of the Stole will have beads. I don't think I need beads in Everything. Do I? Naaah....

I'll either be casting on when the yarn is dry or waiting until Monday or Tuesday to get to the bead store.


pieheart said...

Can't wait to see your newly dyed yarn!

LunariumArts said...

Ooooh! Show me, show me!