Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm ready!

I've got my Zephyr Wool Silk in the color Cassis, so pretty!
I've got my circular needle from Knitpicks, a size 3.25mm fixed circular, very nice, beautiful points and joins and mellow cable.
I am knitting without beads, cause I don't want to fuss with them and I prefer not using them, although I did very much like the beads in MS3 on other's stoles, it didn't inspire me to use them. I'm too plain of a Jane, and don't want to fiddle with them either.
I've re-read the pattern, and will cast on tomorrow or Friday.
I swatched when I got my sample yarn from Sarah's yarns and liked the resulting density, so I'm not bothering to swatch again first, I'm just ready to go!


catknip said...

I'm not using beads either. I feel it will be too fancy and I'm just not that kind of girl. Plus my yarn isn't really bead friendly.

rowan said...

What yarn are you going to use?