Monday, August 13, 2007

Hanami on Flickr

Hi everyone!

I've created (with Melanie's consent) a Hanami-knitting Flickr group, which you can access here (

So far, it's just my own pictures from Hanami #1 -- I'm making one for myself, as the pattern was originally designed, and then I'll be making a second Hanami in the blossoms-only variation for my sister as part of this knitalong.

It's a public group, so please, feel free to join in, add in your pictures, and browse through the photos that others have shared. There are several other Hanami stoles being knit right now, with great pictures on Flickr, so I'll try and recruit those knitters to share their pictures with the group too.

Can't wait to knit along with all of you this fall!

AnnieBee (Flickr user: TheBees)


T. said...

Thanks AnnieBee - good work.

aj said...

Yay! I joined up! Thanks for getting that going.