Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bead Question

Can someone remind me what size and how many beads we need for Hanami?

I have painters at the house this week and the office is one place where stuff from rooms that are being painted as been stuffed. So until I can clear some stuff I can't get to my pattern.

But I think I may have found some perfect beads last Saturday in Richmond. I had been thinking of using the crystal ab beads I bought as a possibility for MS3. But then I found pale pink ab beads. I'm hoping 8/0 is the right size and one tube will be enough.

Oh, and I'm map impaired, so I'm near Fredericksburg, VA.

Mary in VA


J. said...

You do, in fact, need 8/0 beads. And you only need about 50 because you'll just be putting beads on the cast on edge unless you want to do the whole thing in the basketweave pattern. In that case, you'll need about 100.

Does that help? I'm not up on my beads.

Mary in VA said...

Thanks, that's what I semi-remembered. So I'm good to go on both yarn and beads now!

Anonymous said...

You're good to go! A tube is plenty even if you decide to scatter them in on the cherry blossoms later. You use the same method to load them as we used in MS3 - with a tiny crochet hook.