Saturday, July 28, 2007

How-Dee! from Tennessee

I just wanted to jump in and say How-Dee from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee (USA) to everyone knitting on with Melanie's Hanami Stole. I thought it might be fun to knit along with the group even though I must confess that I have already started my Hanami. Like the other stoles Melanie has designed, the Hanami is a great knit. I'm about half way through having completed the basketweave section.

I'm using 3 strands of the 2/28 lace weight 100% silk from ColourMart in a pale celery green shade called "Melissa". Because the silk yarn is so fine, my stole is a bit smaller than Melanie's pink one. I did an extra repeat of the basketweave chart and added extra rows of raindrops in the transition section to make sure that my stole wouldn't end up being too short. I added silverlined clear 8-0 beads to the cast-on edge following Melanie's directions. I found this process to be a royal pain in the you-know-what >:-( After all that grief fighting with slippery silk and tiny crochet hooks, you can hardly see the beads in the knitting. If I were to do it all again I would just skip the beads and knit the stole, since the beads are only on that cast-on edge anyway. As always, that's just my opinion :-)

Like most of you, I'm knitting the MS3 (actually-2 of them!)so the Hanami isn't getting much attention right this minute. I'll keep you posted when I get around to taking more pictures :-)


J. said...

Lovely! It's good to hear other people's opinions on new patterns.

Your Hanami looks terrific!

Karen said...

You're making wonderful progress! My one MS3 is limping along slowly!

T. said...

It's absolutely gorgeous!!