Monday, July 16, 2007


Thanks for letting me join. I am now doing the mystery stole 3 and looking forward to Hanami. I don't have the pattern yet, but the pictures of it are beautiful. I think Melanie made it with Knit picks Alpaca Cloud. I am knitting mystery stole with Zephyr and I really love this yarn will probably order some of that. Looking forward to this knitalong.

Happy knitting


J. said...

Welcome, Liblady! I'm also using Zephyr for the MS3. Isn't it great? I've got vanilla and I'm really liking the result! I was thinking of ordering the Knitpicks for Hanami in that lovely pink color, but I'm easily distracted so that might change.

T. said...

Liblady -I'm still deciding on my yarn for Hanami. I have some lovely deep red in a merino lace and I thought about that, but the Zephyr feels so nice...