Monday, July 30, 2007


Hi there. I am working away on MS3, and I know I'll be ready for some more lace knitting once that's complete. Hanami is just breathtaking! I'm giving away MS3, but I know I'll be keeping Hanami for myself to enjoy.

Is anyone out there knitting MS3 off of a zephyr cone? I am, and I will have a ton leftover when I complete MS3 (I think there is 5000+ yards on those bad boys). I know that I will want a new color for the next stole. I love my color (a red wine color, claret, I believe - you can see pix of my MS3 WIP at my blog to get an idea of the color) but I need to mix it up a little. Would anyone be interested in swapping partial Zephyr 2/18 cones for this project? Just a thought.

Thanks for letting me join your group. This should be a lot of fun!



J. said...

If I had a cone, believe me, I'd be swapping with you. As it is, I will have some leftovers from a 2oz ball. Not really enough for much. Maybe I could make that airy scarf from last minute knitted gifts.

I'm sure your cone will find a good home. Good luck with the swap.

T. said...

Oh sounds great - but don't have anything good to swap (except some hand-me-down Red Heart acrylic - don't think I could swap that with anything!!).
Welcome to the KAL

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

For future reference, my NSLYS has the 1200 yard cones. You don't have nearly so much leftover with most shawls.

What color(s) are you looking for and how much (weight) are you going to have left over?