Monday, July 16, 2007



Woke up this AM to 393 emails in my box (it was empty at 6AM when I went to bed, honest) and most of them were from MS3. Tucked down in the list was the invite to this group - thanks so much.

I think I have found my yarn - at least I am going to order it and if it isn't what I want, will have plenty of time to look for something else. Once the yarn is here, will have to order the beads to go with it - so I am glad we have time before starting this. Don't have the pattern as yet, but since I don't have a printer, I better order it early so I can start setting up my charts - takes a long time by hand.

I didn't hear about MS3 till the last day, so started late. I am making two (both with beads) and have finished Clue 1 on both and almost Clue 2 on the first one. Maybe with the HP break, I will get up to date, but in no hurry, just enjoying the trip.

Have to make this one, even though I haven't a idea in the world how to block it, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. The first lace shawl I made is still sitting just as it came off the needles. I don't think even with aggressive blocking it would be anything but a neck scarf with a point. It was a great way to learn though.

Thanks for letting me join in the fun.

Sue in AR


J. said...

Hey there, Sue! You're very aggressive with the lace! Two MS3s? I wish I thought of that! There would be a lot less waiting time! What kind of yarn are you using for Hanami?

Sue Jackson said...

This is a Merino that I found on EBay. Not sure I'll use it, but the color looks so good. It may end up as my "extra" and the main one will be with "better" yarn. Boy, am I turning into a yarn snob or what?

The two MS3's are in ColourMart Cashmere in a slightly darker than med blue with crystal beads which just sparkle - a little heavier than lace and not something I really like but for my daughter and she will enjoy it. The second is in Furryarns Merino/Silk in Sunflower with multicolored beads in blue/green which I just love. I had both of these yarns, so all I had to get were the beads.

Checked with Furryarn and they don't have anything that I really want for this one, so looked all over the internet. Finally, saw this on EBay and with the price, I just couldn't pass it up. I'm afraid it won't be all it is cracked up to be, but on SS I have to try it and hope for the best. Was trying for the cherry blosson colors and this is pink/white with a little green (all very pale), so might work. Not sure till I see it what might work for the beads. Wish I knew if they were suppose to the the center of the flowers, might help decide on the color.

Thanks for asking, I'll keep you posted.