Friday, July 20, 2007

UPDATE to Hanami KAL

Hey everyone! We are so excited that we have so much interest. We're almost at 60 knitters for the KAL.

A couple things to let you know:
1. We will do the KAL over 8 weeks starting in September (we'll let you know the exact start date soon). J and I have the number of rows/week figured out. So, we'll emulate the Mystery Stole idea, but it won't be a mystery. It will be approximately 60 rows or so every week. Very do-able for most we hope.

2. We will have 2 prizes over the course of the KAL. The first prize will be at week 4 and the second prize will be at week 8. Your name will get put in the draw if you write a post on the blog or if you comment on someone else's post. Each time you write something, your name will go in the draw. I think Mary in VA is currently our most active writer, so she will have a little head start. The prizes will be of use to lace knitters!

Again, if you haven't received your invite, please email us at: Also, check your spam filter in case it's ended up there.

For all those doing MS3, have fun with the extra big clue and to every else, happy knitting!


J. said...

Thanks T. Just what I was thinking. And I hope everyone likes the prizes.

LunariumArts said...

I may not have written much, but I've been sending folks your way. :(

I guess I'll have to let go and be my chatty old self here. *snerk*

Anonymous said...

Thanks to both of you for hosting this KAL. It makes me feel better to know I will have company and impetus when I pick up my Hanami again.

Yea! T and J! Thanks, Chanda

Mary in VA said...

Yikes! I can't believe I was chattiest when you posted this. That's definately not my typical style - I'm more like the stereotype of the lurker. Though it looks like I have a lot to catch up on since I was last here so that's probably changed!

jennsquared said...

This is very cool! Thanks for coordinating something like this! I really enjoy MS3 (my first lace project) and would love to get in on this!!!