Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Location and Yarn Choices


Thanks for letting me join. I recently purchased the Hanami pattern and was planning to use Jojoland Harmony for it since I have this in my stash already, but it is not the right colors, so I will let it sit on the burner for a while and percolate. I was thinking of going more Autumnal, from browns up to reds and oranges and think of it as the leaves scattering in the wind, since this will be toward Fall. Pale pinks are not for me. I am currently working on a Kiri shawl in ebony Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, which by the way is a beautiful yarn. I am in North Carolina, currently north of Charlotte but moving soon westward towards the mountains.

Krista GG


T. said...

I like the idea of autumnal colors (those are what I prefer). I'm going with Zephyr in chrome - has a gold tone to it.


J. said...

I think that falling leaves sounds lovely.

I'm using pewter Zephyr and I think it will look like raindrops.

Mary in VA said...

I'm doing a Kiri now also! Mine is in Colinette Parisienne (like hand-dyed Kid Silk Haze) in a cream color that has pinks and greys in it. Very not me, but I'll use it as a gift. I'm using stash for that one and loving the fact that its so easy I can have it be my carry-around project.

johnnaleec said...

I don't know a lot about lace yarns, and my yarn store has a lot of Zephyr, so I'm sticking with that for now until I'm better educated about yarn choices. I got a rose color - didn't think the pale pink would be liked as much by the recipient as the deeper color. My beads are a little paler, but I may also mix in some of the clear I have for MS3.