Friday, July 13, 2007

Here We Go!

It's T. and J.'s first knit-a-long and we hope you decide to join us as we knit HANAMI!!!!

We'll start knitting in September once the Mystery Stole 3 has been wrapped up. This gives us lots of time to stock up on supplies and get to know each other.

Welcome! We're looking forward to knitting with you!


Heather said...

ooh - I do really love that theme. I live in the DC area, and try to see the blossoms at peak each year - truly beautiful. I loved the stole even before I knew the theme/reason behind the design - this is a definite possibility!


Emily said...

Excellent! I bought the pattern back in May but hadn't started it yet, and then got swept up in the mystery stole. I'll be happy to have some knitting companions for Hanami!

Jennifer said...

I started mine- didn't quite finish the first repeat before MS3 started up.

I'd love to join you!

Mary in VA said...

Oh, this would be perfect for me. I bought the pattern and yarn with the idea of making it for my mother as a memory of when she visited me during cherry blossom season. Maybe I could pull it off for Christmas if I started then!

Gini said...

I like to be a member to :-)
I bought the pattern when I discovered MS3 and looked at Melanies site. I think it's a lovely pattern, but I need a little support to start and keep motivated to finish. I'll be happy to have some knitting companions for Hanami!

Jackie said...

I'm in!!! Have the pattern, KP Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint should be in my mailbox today. Just need to order the beads.

Sarah said...

I'm all over this!

Sereknitty said...

I will definitely make this shawl. I need to purchase the pattern but already have the yarn I want to use. Will you run the KAL from this blog or will you also start a Yahoo group>

SueS said...

This is great! Count me in with you. I started this stole right before MS3 was announced. I have not gotten through the first repeat yet due to starting the MS3 stole. I am using Zephyr in lady slipper for Hanami.

rowan said...

What perfect timing! I just ordered the pattern last week!
Today I got my color card and yarn sample from Sarah's yarns for the Zephyr lace weight.
I will be ready to knit in September. I suppose I will get the beads, but I'm not crazy about beads in fabric, I'm not using them in MS3. I'll have to give that a lot of thought. I may have to just leave them out, but aside from that, I'm ready!
I saw that you asked Melanie if this is ok with her, good idea.
My guess is, that as long as each one of us has purchased our own copy of the pattern, and that should be an understood requirement, then joining in together to get support to knit one successfully should be just fine!

Redford Phyl said...

I bought the pattern while waiting to start MS3 and nearly started it a couple of days ago. I already have the yarn and beads. I love Melanie's patterns, and can't wait to get started. This will be fun.

Anonymous said...

Have the pattern, ordered the yarn from KnitPicks a few days ago.

I was really hoping to hold off on starting this until after MS3 and now that this group is here, I will do it!

Thanks for forming this group!
Sign me up,
Kath (Tucson)

LunariumArts said...

I went and bought the yarn for this project just after joining this KAL. I already have a huge number of beads to choose from, and I'll have to wait until the yarn arrives before I make the final selections.

I'm really excited. I'm having a blast in MS3, and I know I'll have fun with this too. I'm a very slow knitter, but I make few mistakes, so I guess that's ok.

~Rebecca W.

Anke said...


I would like to take part in

greeting from Germany

Nancy said...

I would love to join this group.
Will get my pattern from Melanie.

Anne said...

I am completely in love with the Hanami pattern... I started it just a few days before the MS3 began, and I'm too much in love with it to put it aside. My progress is slow (this is my first real lace) but I'm definitely gathering speed as I get more comfortable.

There are some progress photos in my Flickr stream, here. More to come soon!

Lyna said...

Count me in too. I am loving the MS3! I definately need a KAL to keep motivated on projects like this. Can't wait!!

Busymom said...

I'm so excited to start this pattern. I fell in love with it when I saw it the first time on Melanie's blog. I've had the pattern for a while but I still have to get the yarn. I think I'll go with the Alpaca cloud. I've knit with it before, I really like how soft it is.