Monday, July 23, 2007

Joining in

Hi, knitters,
I am very much enamored of the Hanami stole -- am going to order the pattern today.
I have some lilac colored lace weight that will look fine, if I can put my hands on it -- I tucked it away when I got it in March as lace was beyond my capabilities; but working through MS3, slowly, has encouraged me!

Maybe it's just me and/or my browser, but I can't read the post on the blog as the map covers some of the text--- anyone else have this trouble?



J. said...

I was considering lilac. I think it will be a lovely color choice for the Hanami!

Gald to have you here!

KarenK said...

Yes, I have the same problem, the map covers part of the first comment.

T&J Baadmedicine said...

So - I've moved it down - does that help (my computer isn't covering it up so it's hard for me to tell). Let us know (we're not the most computer savvy girls ever - don't tell anyone.

Karen said...

Much better; maybe it's the small monitor, but I couldn't fix it by enlarging the window---it does cover an older message some, still, but the blog looks good when it opens-- thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm still having trouble. Oh, well!