Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beads, beads and more beads

I went to the Craft and Quilt Show in Melbourne on Friday and finally got to see beads... lots of beads. In fact I couldn't count the number of stall selling beads. I was amazed considering that the only beads I've seen till now have been in my local department store which has a few dusty packets in one size fits all and in the colours of bland, blander, blandest. Being confronted with so much choice I made the most of the opportunity. I intend knitting the Hanami in a pale pink yarn so I bought light pink, hot pink and sparkly white beads. I'll make the final choice on the day I cast on. Oh the luxury of being spoilt for choice! Maybe I could use two colours...?

Kerrie, Australia


Karen said...


I understand the 'bead'thing; never had bought any before and after looking for what to use on MS3, I now even own a bead box!

J. said...

I'm new to beads, too. Fortunately, I have a grea bead store nearby. T. and I are going to bead shopping at lunch once our yarn arrives.

T. said...

Never been intrigued by beads before - I think Hanami will be a good start.