Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yeah, I'm finally here!

First, thanks T for all the help getting me here.

I've had the pattern and some Lisa Souza lace yarn in a gorgeous pink in my stash for a little while. I'm thinking I want to make it for my mother for Christmas, so this will be perfect timing.

Here's the story. I live near DC, but my mother had never managed to be here when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. A few years ago my father had retired, so they decided I would give them updates and they'd just drive down from Massachusetts during the week for a couple days when prospects look good. To avoid some of the east coast traffic the wanted to come during the week even though peak bloom was predicted for the coming weekend.

So they're on their way and I hear that due to the weather the previous few days, they now thought that day would be the best day for viewing the blossoms.

But the good luck doesn't stop there.

I have a cousin who lives in Argentina. When ever she visits we joke about her good parking karma, because when she's with you a parking space miraculously opens up just where you want to go, even in a busy city in the worst area for parking. She'd get a spot right in front of the entrance to Fenway Park on opening day. If we have good parking luck we say we're channeling Maria.

Which I apparently was that day. Because they come by my office and I take over driving. My mother can't walk well, so I'm thinking the best I can do is drive them as close as I can get to the places you can view blossoms. But just as we swing by the parking lot at the Tidal Basin the cop guarding the entrance lets us know there's a spot if we want to go in. So we do and the spot gives us this view from our front bumper:

I think that day deserves a commemorative shawl!


J. said...

What a great reason to knit!

Welcome, Mary!

T. said...

Great story Mary - unfortunately I can't see the picture - it's not coming up on my computer!!

Mary in VA said...

Hmm, I'm not sure why the picture stopped showing, but I just uploaded it to Flickr also -