Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thanks for letting me join!

Thanks for letting me join this KAL! I am really bad at KALs, life gets in the way, the new Interweave Knits comes and I just HAVE to knit something new. Etc.

But I've had some alpaca cloud in my stash for a long time, it's crying to be knit up. I just have to figure out who sells beads locally, if anyone. It's not fair, a couple of towns over ( 5 miles) there's a place that sells beads online, but they don't have a storefront. I saw some beads I like for less than a dollar, but they ship priority only (according to the website). But I'm not going to pay $4.60 for shipping 5 miles!

Oh well, I have to finish up some projects before I can even think of casting on anyway. Looking forward to knitting this one, it's a beauty!

Can't Wait...

To get started! Hanami is spectacularly beautiful.

Question: are all of you knitting it as written? Is anyone doing the altered version with the provisional cast on and just doing the cherry blossoms?

I can't decide which way I'd like to go. Of course, I could do both ;)

I would like to finish my MS3, first though. (And some of the other things on my needles. Ahem.)

This should be fun!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Hi there. I am working away on MS3, and I know I'll be ready for some more lace knitting once that's complete. Hanami is just breathtaking! I'm giving away MS3, but I know I'll be keeping Hanami for myself to enjoy.

Is anyone out there knitting MS3 off of a zephyr cone? I am, and I will have a ton leftover when I complete MS3 (I think there is 5000+ yards on those bad boys). I know that I will want a new color for the next stole. I love my color (a red wine color, claret, I believe - you can see pix of my MS3 WIP at my blog to get an idea of the color) but I need to mix it up a little. Would anyone be interested in swapping partial Zephyr 2/18 cones for this project? Just a thought.

Thanks for letting me join your group. This should be a lot of fun!


Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have the pattern and the beads and the needles. I am waiting on the yarn. I am knitting Mystery Stole 3 and am almost finished with the 4th clue. I am excited about doing Hanami after this. So glad that this knitalong was started

My First KAL!

I couldn't be more excited about being part of the beautiful Hanami knit-along! It's my first and I'm glad I've waited for such an inspiring project. Off to choose yarn and beads -- oh, beads! My first beaded thingy, too! Wheeeeeee!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beads, beads and more beads

I went to the Craft and Quilt Show in Melbourne on Friday and finally got to see beads... lots of beads. In fact I couldn't count the number of stall selling beads. I was amazed considering that the only beads I've seen till now have been in my local department store which has a few dusty packets in one size fits all and in the colours of bland, blander, blandest. Being confronted with so much choice I made the most of the opportunity. I intend knitting the Hanami in a pale pink yarn so I bought light pink, hot pink and sparkly white beads. I'll make the final choice on the day I cast on. Oh the luxury of being spoilt for choice! Maybe I could use two colours...?

Kerrie, Australia

Hello from HOT Florida

I am really excited to start this KAL...Melanie surely has lovely lace patterns. I have felt so honored to be in the MS3 and now this.......I love lace knitting and am really looking forward to casting on this stole.

Happy Knitting,
Leslie Rodgers
Keystone Heights, FL

Hey from Charm City :)

I am very excited about this knit-a-long! I was too late to join MS3 but when viewing Melanie's site fell in love with the Hanami stole and knew I just had to knit it.

I'm still checking out yarn possibilities. Currently I'm waiting on some Zephyr Wool Silk - Vanilla to knit Leda's Dream for my sister. She's getting remarried (possibly a sunset wedding on a beach-Hawaii) in the spring and I thought it would be nice to make her a wedding shawl. I thought the story behind the shawl, the pattern, etc. was a perfect match.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress on MS3 as well as the Hanami stole. :)

How-Dee! from Tennessee

I just wanted to jump in and say How-Dee from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee (USA) to everyone knitting on with Melanie's Hanami Stole. I thought it might be fun to knit along with the group even though I must confess that I have already started my Hanami. Like the other stoles Melanie has designed, the Hanami is a great knit. I'm about half way through having completed the basketweave section.

I'm using 3 strands of the 2/28 lace weight 100% silk from ColourMart in a pale celery green shade called "Melissa". Because the silk yarn is so fine, my stole is a bit smaller than Melanie's pink one. I did an extra repeat of the basketweave chart and added extra rows of raindrops in the transition section to make sure that my stole wouldn't end up being too short. I added silverlined clear 8-0 beads to the cast-on edge following Melanie's directions. I found this process to be a royal pain in the you-know-what >:-( After all that grief fighting with slippery silk and tiny crochet hooks, you can hardly see the beads in the knitting. If I were to do it all again I would just skip the beads and knit the stole, since the beads are only on that cast-on edge anyway. As always, that's just my opinion :-)

Like most of you, I'm knitting the MS3 (actually-2 of them!)so the Hanami isn't getting much attention right this minute. I'll keep you posted when I get around to taking more pictures :-)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hello from Michigan. I'm excited to start a new shawl once the MS3 is finished. I have purchased my yarn and beads for Hanami. The yarn is Malabrigo 100% Baby Merino in color 24/Vermillion. The beads are a shiny cherry red. I have crocheted shawls and tablecloths in the past but finally got up the guts to attempt knitting lace and its so pretty. The MS3 is a slow knit for me but I'm enjoying it. I'm hoping my education from MS3 will help my speed in knitting Hanami.....Diane

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Your Hosts

Lots of people have chimed in to say who they are and where they're from - so I thought on behalf of your hosts (T. & J.) I'd let you know a little bit about us.

We are both pharmacists living in Edmonton (in Northern Alberta, Canada) - a city of about a million. We used to work together, and now we mostly just knit together. A lot. As much as we can. Like when we meet up for lunch without the kids. We also like to engage in retail therapy (of the non-yarn type) - we both have a little weakness for shoes.

Check out our blog at: www.baadmedicine.blogspot.com.

We think we're pretty funny - at least we make ourselves laugh.

Welcome to all - we can't wait to get started.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shout out!

Does anyone know any knitters in South America? That's the only inhabited continent that we're missing for the HKAL.

I'm so amazed and delighted. I've never been so involved with something so huge. And all I had to do was say "Hey, T! Set up a blog so we can have a knitalong!" It's good to have friends.
Hi from California. Happy to start the Hanami after finishing the MS3. Still trying to decide on the yarn and beads.


Hi from Temecula, CA

Hi everyone! I'm looking forward to joining in the fun. I'm currently working on Melanie's Leda's Dream stole, and I really LOVE it. Her patterns are beautiful. I'm thinking of doing the Hanami in cherry, pink, and white colors. But, I need to read up on the appropriate yarns for the project. (Suggestions are welcome!) My current project is in Yarn Cloud Bamboo....which I like quite a bit. This is my first KAL as an active participant rather than a "lurker." :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just joined in

I am so glad I saw this on Melanie's blog. I bought my beads on Saturday and my yarn was waiting for me when I returned from work on Monday. I bought some Brown Sheep Naturespun Fingering in the Cherry Delight (I think that was the name, it was Cherry something) and it is a nice, dark cherry color.

I love to knit lace but the laceweight in MS3 is driving me crazy so I am will do this one in Fingering. I was at a knitting retreat in early July and a few of us had our MS3's to show off, not to knit on. Too hard with so much other knitting to look at. Another knitter started Hanami while we were there and it made me go home and download mine as soon as I turned my computer on.

I am really looking forward to knitting this one.

CA Knitter

Hello! I will be using Malabrigo lace weight in their light pink color. Has anyone else used Malabrigo's lace before? I'm just curious about how it will turn out and if switching balls every other row works all right. I haven't purchased the pattern yet--I'm going to pick it up with the MS3 pattern as soon as it's over. I'm looking forward to having another knitalong! :)

beads in Hanami

I'm having so much fun with the beads in MS3 I was thinking of adding more to Hanami. I was kind of visualizing them centered in the flower and randomly scattered in the final petal/eyelet section.
What do you think?

Location and Yarn Choices


Thanks for letting me join. I recently purchased the Hanami pattern and was planning to use Jojoland Harmony for it since I have this in my stash already, but it is not the right colors, so I will let it sit on the burner for a while and percolate. I was thinking of going more Autumnal, from browns up to reds and oranges and think of it as the leaves scattering in the wind, since this will be toward Fall. Pale pinks are not for me. I am currently working on a Kiri shawl in ebony Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, which by the way is a beautiful yarn. I am in North Carolina, currently north of Charlotte but moving soon westward towards the mountains.

Krista GG


Hey blogger finally let me post.( it does it on blog too). I can't wait to do another one of Melanie's patterns (heck I want them all) Right now I have the beads and yarn (KnitPicks bare - I am not sure who I am giving this to for christmas, so I figure I could dye it the color I need) but things change =). This weekend I will be ordering her patterns, after that I can't wait.

Are you in?

Just making sure that everyone who wants to be in the KAL has responded to their invitations.

If you'd like an invitation and haven't received one, please email us at hanami.knit.a.long@gmail.com.

We now have 75 knitters signed in with another 35 open invites. That's over 100 knitters, people! I thought we'd get 12 at most.

Bead Question

Can someone remind me what size and how many beads we need for Hanami?

I have painters at the house this week and the office is one place where stuff from rooms that are being painted as been stuffed. So until I can clear some stuff I can't get to my pattern.

But I think I may have found some perfect beads last Saturday in Richmond. I had been thinking of using the crystal ab beads I bought as a possibility for MS3. But then I found pale pink ab beads. I'm hoping 8/0 is the right size and one tube will be enough.

Oh, and I'm map impaired, so I'm near Fredericksburg, VA.

Mary in VA

Monday, July 23, 2007

In progress . . .

Hey y'all!

I've got cardinal CashWool burning a hole in my stash, and the perfect red 8/0 beads...and I was already on the needle and cruising along on Hanami when I found out about you guys. I'm also MS3-ing with many of you, though I am a dedicated lurker there.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no connection or association with cherry blossoms. On the other hand, that means I have no compunction about using whatever color I want!

It's probably for the best that I will be a bit ahead of the rest of you when you start, because I am absolutely not a project monogomist. In fact, if I were any more of a project polygamist, I'd probably have to leave my home state of Mississippi for Utah - every nook and cranny in my house is either yarn or project or both. I will do my darnedest to keep up with you all, though!

I've seen that we have at least one other knitter from Mississippi - hi, Chanda - but I don't know from where. I live in Biloxi, on the Gulf Coast and at the southernmost tip of the state. We lost our LYS in Hurricane Katrina, and it has not been replaced. The next nearest (besides the giant useless craft, hobby, and superstores) are in Mobile, AL, or New Orleans, LA - each an hour away, so I've given up supporting the local and begun buying online. We did have a small knitter's group in a local coffee shop for a while, until there were only two of us left . . . so now we meet on my couch every Thursday. Sometimes we are three. We have simple dinners and wine and whine... and laugh and watch movies and knit. Often in that order.

Anyone else want to join us? I look forward to getting to know you all and seeing your work progress. Pointed sticks at the ready? Knit!

Where are you?

I can't figure out how to stick a pin in the map, so I'll just tell you--Minot, North Dakota, USA.

Joining in

Hi, knitters,
I am very much enamored of the Hanami stole -- am going to order the pattern today.
I have some lilac colored lace weight that will look fine, if I can put my hands on it -- I tucked it away when I got it in March as lace was beyond my capabilities; but working through MS3, slowly, has encouraged me!

Maybe it's just me and/or my browser, but I can't read the post on the blog as the map covers some of the text--- anyone else have this trouble?


Global Knitting!

I am so amazed that there are so many knitters from so many different places wanting to make the Hanami with us! After looking at the map, I realized that I've visited some of the places where you live, like Nuremburg, New York, Melbourne, Sydney, LA. I'm just amazed! And someone in Estonia is knitting with us! Maybe you could teach us a little about knitting in Estonia. I understand there is a history of knitwear in Estonia, yes?

I'm just delighted to have all of you along for this ride. Thanks so much for being here!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thank you for letting me join

Hello everyone,

Have needles, have pattern, ordered yarn this morning. I'm ready to go. I love her design's and I'm looking forward to doing this shawl. I'm currently working on the Civil War Shawl just about finished thank goodness, and the infamous MS3. Again thank you so much for letting me join.
Faye in Southern Ky.

Where are you?

Ok, I know it's not perfect, but come and stick a pin in my map! I'd love to see where everyone is from. Don't be shy!
Wow! Our numbers are growing rapidly. As it stands, I have some Knit Picks Bare Marino Laceweight that I have earmarked for Hanami. I'm still debating between some silver lined AB beads and some larger clear AB drops for the edge. Of course, knowing my fickle nature, I may end up with something totally different by September. Almost used the Bare for MS3, but went with Zephyr instead, thinking the Bare would look better with Hanami. That said, I'm still thinking about getting some silk! See, fickle.

Happy to Join & Yarn Musings

I too am happy to be a part of another lace KAL. It has made the summer very enjoyable. I am busy knitting clue 4 ofMS3 until my copy of Harry Potter is delivered by the postman and then I will have to take a reading break. I already have the Hanami pattern and am trying to decide on yarn. The recommended yarn looks lovely, but alpaca makes me itch. Has anyone used Morehouse Merinos lace yarn? I have looked at their website and they have it in a pretty light pink color. I am in Maine, so if it is a little heavier weight wool it may not be a bad thing. Although my sister used to live/work in Washington DC and thought this might make a nice holiday present...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Glad to be here

Hi everyone -

I'm happy that I am joining this KAL. I am currently working on MS3, and I'm only one clue behind, so I think I am doing very well! LOL I signed up for the first two mystery stoles also, but I didn't finish either one. This one, I am bound and determined to finish because I already have plans for wearing it to the Embroidery Guild national seminar banquet. :o)

I live in Jackson Mississippi. I am a new lace knitter, and I definitely have been bitten by the lace bug. I already have my Hanami pattern, and now I will be looking for pretty pink lace yarn so I will be ready to go in September. And I have found several other luscious shawl patterns that I just must knit also. :o)

I also spent some time in Japan when I was a child. My father was in the air force, and he was stationed there from when I was three to about six years old. I am currently studying Japanese embroidery at the Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta, and really enjoying that. If you would like to see some gorgeous embroidery, check out their web site: http://www.japaneseembroidery.com/index.html. If this stole turns out good enough, I am thinking about giving it to my teacher, Masa Tamura.

I'm off to start Clue 3 of the Mystery Stole. I am looking forward to knitting this stole with you all.

Lisa in Mississippi
Hi! I'm checking in too.
I don't have a blog so a lot of this posting busines will be new to me. Please forgive me if I goof up!
I can't wait to start Hanami... except that I will because it's going to take all my lace knitting attention to finish MS3.I have the pattern already, and I will be looking for a good yarn. I'm rather attracted to the idea of doing this in silk too... I suppose the Japanese theme and the silk seem to be a good combination.
I lived in Japan, for a very little bit, when a child, and DH spent several years there teaching English, so there is an emotional connection for me to this stole as well as the pure visual admiration.
Be "seeing" you all!

UPDATE to Hanami KAL

Hey everyone! We are so excited that we have so much interest. We're almost at 60 knitters for the KAL.

A couple things to let you know:
1. We will do the KAL over 8 weeks starting in September (we'll let you know the exact start date soon). J and I have the number of rows/week figured out. So, we'll emulate the Mystery Stole idea, but it won't be a mystery. It will be approximately 60 rows or so every week. Very do-able for most we hope.

2. We will have 2 prizes over the course of the KAL. The first prize will be at week 4 and the second prize will be at week 8. Your name will get put in the draw if you write a post on the blog or if you comment on someone else's post. Each time you write something, your name will go in the draw. I think Mary in VA is currently our most active writer, so she will have a little head start. The prizes will be of use to lace knitters!

Again, if you haven't received your invite, please email us at: hanami.knit.a.long@gmail.com. Also, check your spam filter in case it's ended up there.

For all those doing MS3, have fun with the extra big clue and to every else, happy knitting!


I decided to pop in here today just to see if there was anything new. I can't believe how much and how quickly this group has grown! Actually, I shouldn't be all that surprised...the Hanami really is a lovely stole and it seems that a lot of the MS3ers are new to lace knitting or have only done a couple of projects and have gotten the "bug" for it :). This will be a great follow-up to the MS3, I'm really looking forward to getting started.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hi From California

I'm very excited to be working on this next KAL. I'm still plodding my way through MS3 as my first KAL but I am really enjoying reading everyone's comments about the project. I fell in love with Hanami after I saw it on Melanie's blog and am so glad that this is set up for another KAL. I look forward to chatting with everyone!


Signing in from Mississippi

I'm so glad this group was started. I began my Hanami a few weeks before the MS3 and ended up frogging half of Chart A and coming back to the Hanami until I received new yarn.

I have successfully mastered the beaded cast on (you only need less than 50 beads - that's the only beading on this stole listed.) And I've done five of the seven repeats of the basketweave section. I'll be picking it back up after MS3 and continuing on with all of y'all.

Plan on using stitch markers between the repeats and your life will be easier. I ordered mine from a vendor on Ebay or Etsy (forget which one) and got some that were long plastic wire loops with a wooden bead at the end. They are long enough and slightly stiff so they don't get tangled in the laceweight yarn. And they keep their shape well enough when I move them with my mouth sometimes. Don't laugh! You'll end up doing it too when the K2tog requires you to use a stitch from either side of the marker! :) (That only happens every 7 or 8 rows, I think.)

I'm using Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace in the pink. It's beautiful! I found the Mill Hill Beads she recommended at Hobby Lobby in the NEEDLEWORK section (not the bead section) for only $1.37 and there are more than enough in one little package. You'll need that little bitty crochet hook for this one too.

Looking forward to knitting with y'all! Chanda in Mississippi

silk Hanami?

Hello from Denver, Colorado - I am very excited about the Hanami KAL, and am cutting my teeth on the MS3 right now. Any thoughts/reactions about my plans to use silk for the Hanami shawl? I saw some silk shawl photos on Ravelry and was encouraged. I'll probably stick to the pale pink, in honor of the theme. The shawl is intended for my sister - who lived in Japan for several years and now lives in Seattle with her Japanese husband and two gorgeous daughters.

Yarn hunting

I'm so looking forward to this knitalong. I've yet to find the right yarn. Tomorrow I'm going to the sheep and wool show held in Bendigo (Australia) and I'm hoping to find just the right thing there.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Excited for this knitalong!

It was great to see on the MS3 boards that this group had been created to knit Hanami once MS3 was finished – since that was exactly what I hoped to do anyways!

I have a skein of purplish blue Silky Merino laceweight from Blackberry Ridge that has been waiting patiently in my stash for the perfect project, so I'm glad to have finally found it in Hanami, even if it will be with a twist. Even though I love the cherry blossoms that bloom here in San Francisco starting in February, both the color of my yarn and the pattern of Hanami remind me instead of the jacaranda blossoms that fell on the grounds of the university in South Africa where I did graduate work. So mine will be a bit of a pseudo-Hanami, but I still look forward to knitting my version along with all the rest of you!

Looking forward to being a part of this group,


Hello from another member

Hi, all - Susie H here, chiming in from Norfolk in the UK. I think the Hanami pattern is spectacular, and am really looking forward to the coming KAL.

The Mystery Stole 3 is pretty fabulous, as well - I am about half-done with Clue 3 but lost a bit of knitting time to re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to get ready for the coming book 7 launch.

My own knitblog is here - www.theknitfarm.com - no new pictures since I finished Clue 2 and started Stole 2. I'll fix that tomorrow, I hope.

Nice to be here!



thanks for the invitation. I am soecklie from Germany

many greet

Yeah, I'm finally here!

First, thanks T for all the help getting me here.

I've had the pattern and some Lisa Souza lace yarn in a gorgeous pink in my stash for a little while. I'm thinking I want to make it for my mother for Christmas, so this will be perfect timing.

Here's the story. I live near DC, but my mother had never managed to be here when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. A few years ago my father had retired, so they decided I would give them updates and they'd just drive down from Massachusetts during the week for a couple days when prospects look good. To avoid some of the east coast traffic the wanted to come during the week even though peak bloom was predicted for the coming weekend.

So they're on their way and I hear that due to the weather the previous few days, they now thought that day would be the best day for viewing the blossoms.

But the good luck doesn't stop there.

I have a cousin who lives in Argentina. When ever she visits we joke about her good parking karma, because when she's with you a parking space miraculously opens up just where you want to go, even in a busy city in the worst area for parking. She'd get a spot right in front of the entrance to Fenway Park on opening day. If we have good parking luck we say we're channeling Maria.

Which I apparently was that day. Because they come by my office and I take over driving. My mother can't walk well, so I'm thinking the best I can do is drive them as close as I can get to the places you can view blossoms. But just as we swing by the parking lot at the Tidal Basin the cop guarding the entrance lets us know there's a spot if we want to go in. So we do and the spot gives us this view from our front bumper:

I think that day deserves a commemorative shawl!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

can't wait!

I purchased this pattern back in the very early spring and bought the perfect yarn at MS&W. I am very excited to do this KAL!


Monday, July 16, 2007

Hello. I am doing the Mystery Stole 3 so looking forward to this one as well. I have Zephyr in Black for this one. Thanks for letting me join.



Thanks for letting me join. I am now doing the mystery stole 3 and looking forward to Hanami. I don't have the pattern yet, but the pictures of it are beautiful. I think Melanie made it with Knit picks Alpaca Cloud. I am knitting mystery stole with Zephyr and I really love this yarn will probably order some of that. Looking forward to this knitalong.

Happy knitting

Baptism by fire

I've always thought of myself as an adventurous person and here I go again! I'm still working on my first sock after knitting scarf after scarf for years. I do have a secret weapon that I keep in my office for those times when I'm really stuck ... I'm excited - this will be my first time knitting a lacey thing AND this is my first time posting on a blog. Boy, knitting has just opened up door after door for me so far! I look forward to working with you all - I'll probably have lots of questions.



Woke up this AM to 393 emails in my box (it was empty at 6AM when I went to bed, honest) and most of them were from MS3. Tucked down in the list was the invite to this group - thanks so much.

I think I have found my yarn - at least I am going to order it and if it isn't what I want, will have plenty of time to look for something else. Once the yarn is here, will have to order the beads to go with it - so I am glad we have time before starting this. Don't have the pattern as yet, but since I don't have a printer, I better order it early so I can start setting up my charts - takes a long time by hand.

I didn't hear about MS3 till the last day, so started late. I am making two (both with beads) and have finished Clue 1 on both and almost Clue 2 on the first one. Maybe with the HP break, I will get up to date, but in no hurry, just enjoying the trip.

Have to make this one, even though I haven't a idea in the world how to block it, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. The first lace shawl I made is still sitting just as it came off the needles. I don't think even with aggressive blocking it would be anything but a neck scarf with a point. It was a great way to learn though.

Thanks for letting me join in the fun.

Sue in AR


Hi and thanks for letting me join. My name is Stephanie and I live in Dublin, CA. I am currently knee-deep in MS3. I've already ordered my pattern, yarn and beads~~I'm all set to knit cherry blossoms!

Sending out Invitations

J. and I are busy sending out invitations to everyone who emails us. Once you email us at hanami.knit.a.long@gmail.com give us a couple days to send you an invite. We are up to date with our invites to yesterday. So if you emailed before today and haven't received your invite, drop us another line please.

We will keep registration open up until we start (in September).

Remember - you need to purchase your pattern from Melanie's site www.pinklemontwist.blogspot.com.

And some people have asked if we have a button yet to put on their blog. We don't - we'll try and have one ready for when we start. If you go to our blog (www.baadmedicine.blogspot.com) you'll understand why we don't have one yet.

Happy Knitting.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Just a few points to start us off.

1. Please email us at hanami.knit.a.long@gmail.com if you would like to join. If you have left a comment saying you'd like in and have not received an invite, please email us. The response to this knit-a-long has been great, so give us a couple of days to get you on board.

2. We'd like to cast on two weeks after the last Mystery Stole clue is posted. This will give us all time to finish MS3 and admire our work before embarking on another lace adventure.

3. We will give guidelines as to what rows to knit each week. This way we will all be more or less together. That's not to say you can't knit ahead or take your time. The point is to enjoy what you're doing and to be proud of what you make.

4. No trash talk. I mean it.

I think that's all for now. The knit a long will be run from this website so visit often and post as much or as little as you like. I hope we can all help each to make some pretty amazing lace.

J. for Baadmedicine.blogspot.com

Friday, July 13, 2007

Here We Go!

It's T. and J.'s first knit-a-long and we hope you decide to join us as we knit HANAMI!!!!

We'll start knitting in September once the Mystery Stole 3 has been wrapped up. This gives us lots of time to stock up on supplies and get to know each other.

Welcome! We're looking forward to knitting with you!