Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chart D finished

When I had finished the basketweave pattern I wanted to go a little ahead and start with the cherry blossoms. I found that it didn´t demand the same amount of concentration as the basketweave and the knitting was much quicker and now I have finished chart D. My photos are not so good but I want to share them with you and here is the first one with the stole and the second one with the cherry blossoms.


Amanda said...

That looks beautiful. I also found that once you start the cherry blossom charts the pace really picks up, Its a lovely easy knit.

J. said...

Lovely! I agree, the second half is going much faster than the first. I'm glad we're knitting the piece in this order rather than the reverse. Can you imagine FINISHING with 7 repeats of basketweave? Eek!

Metta said...

You are so right. I´m also glad we started with the basketweave. I liked the cherry blossom part much better and I don´t think I would like to start again with the 7 repeats of basketweave .