Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's International Speak Like a Pirate Day!

Honest - I am so not kidding!

So "Aaaargh! Shiver me needles! Get to knitting all you yarn wenches!"

I have to do that because it's the only thing that keeps me from crying everytime I pick up my Hanami. This is my 6th start (yes, 6) and I'm trying to not get disappointed. Everytime I get to the end my stitches don't work out. And I don't mean by just one. Sometimes it's seven or twelve or eighteen. So I consulted the Yarn Guru and she suggested I bring it to SnB on Monday - which I will. I need knitting love and support to get me through those first few rows. So until then:

"Ahoy knitters!"


T. said...

What about lunch tomorrow? I meeting with my guru and we can help you along. You Can Do It!! Arh, Matey.

catknip said...

I'll bring it along!

J. said...

Arrrrrrr. I'm sure to have some grrrrand advice for your knittin' prrrroblems. Arrrrrrr.

AnnieBee said...

How frustrating! Hope your gurus are able to help you out...

A thought: when I started trying to read lace patterns, I had the same frustration as you: every time I knit a row, I came out with a (very) wonky stitch count.

Turns out that the problem was that I understood a yarn over to mean "bring the yarn forward as if to purl, and knit a stitch" -- whereas it's really only the "bring the yarn forward" part.

So, every time I did a yarnover, I was adding an extra stitch (in addition to the fact that a yarnover is an increase in and of itself). Not sure how I figured out my error, but it was like a lightbulb going on, and ever since I've had no trouble reading lace patterns.

The moral of this embarrassing tale? THERE IS HOPE!

Lora said...

Cat - we'll be finishing out together after the rest have left us long behind! :)