Friday, September 7, 2007

FO Pictures

Howdy ya'll!
I've been on a roll finishing the many UFO shawls that have been filling up baskets all over my place. Last weekend I blocked 4 (yup FOUR!) shawls, including my Hanami. I've posted pictures and details all over the place, including our Flickr group, my Flickr page and my blog. You are welcome to take a peek!

My finished stole is very pretty and I learned a great deal knitting Hanami. I guess the most important thing I learned that you can't measure true "finished dimensions" until after blocking AND hanging the stole (folded in half over a hanger). My "finished" stole grew in length by several inches after hanging due in large part to my choice of fiber. The other lesson I learned was that the silk yarn I used was not the best choice for this design. If I were to do it all over again I would choose a laceweight merino, or baby alpaca, or superkid mohair, or something more similar to what the designer used. Sometimes it really *is* wise to not deviate too far from what the designer recommends when making yarn substitutions. Now if only there were firm rules to let me know when you can get adventurous and when to hold the line! Yeah, right---that will never happen ROTFLOL

From all the pictures at Flickr it looks like there are going to be many stunning Hanami Stoles from this group. Keep those posts and photos coming!

Good luck and knit on!


T&J Baadmedicine said...

Looks great! Congrats!

catknip said...

I'm not worthy!

rowan said...

Beautiful, I'd love to see the cherry blossom end as well, and perhaps the whole thing laid out to see the progression. It's really lovely.