Friday, September 21, 2007

Finally.....SOME PROGRESS!! ;)

I had a rough start with my Hanami. I cast on and knit the 6 garter stitch rows 10 million times (okay, it was really like 9 time, YES 9 TIMES!!!), then I would start my 1st row of the basket weave chart and have four stitches left over. I'd pull back, re-cast on my 99 stitches; knit the 6 rows, row 1 of Chart A - four stitches left over. Frog, cast-on on 99, knit 6 row, row 1 Chart A - extra four stitches.............ummm anyone seeing a pattern here? The cast on was for 95 stitches, how I read 95 as 99, 9 different times is a mystery to me (clueless). I am halfway through my 1st repeat of Chart A and I'm loving it. I decided to go w/ metal needles in a US 4. I splurged for the Addi lace needles which I absolutely L-O-V-E!!

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I used size 8/0 silver lined clear beads on the edge and absolutely adore them. I have to agree with Melanie, they look like tiny droplets of water.
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I think I'll be behind most of you as we progress unless I turn into a turbo knitting goddess and crank out 6.5 repeats of Chart A this weekend. I'm thinking the chances are slim to none but who knows, the Knitting Gods may smile on me. :)


purlgirl said...

Don't you want to scream when you make the same mistake overagain!
But now you are on your way.

I too love the Addi lace needles. Just like a dream.

catknip said...

I feel your pain sister! You've completed way more than me. I did learn a valuable lesson though.

beadntat said...

Oh Lora! That's just awful. 9 times!!! You deserve an award for tenacity as I think I would have given up long before then and moved on to another project. BTW, your yarn is beautiful!!! What is it?

rowan said...

I LOVE that feeling when finally, the thing you just can't see becomes clear! It's the best feeling! I mean, the relief and aha! moment, not the following chagrin :)
Looking really good, I would also like to know what yarn you are using

Lora said...

Yarn is Sundara's silk laceweight in the Cherry Blossom Colorway, it was a limited edition yarn but I was able to snag one that she still had lying around. At the time, about 6 weeks ago, she said it was one of two she still had.
I just love her colors, they are gorgeous. If my pocketbook could have stood it, I would have gotten the Graphite colorway for the Secret of the Stole knit-along but alas I have champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Mary in VA said...

I bet by now you're ahead of me. Life keeps getting in my way so I've only just started my second repeat of the basketweave!