Sunday, September 23, 2007


All done, I made it without the ruffle on the end. Just simple garter, mirroring the basket weave end. The color in the top photo is pretty accurate.
Finished size is 18" x 67". It's made from Zephyr wool silk and I used 1.99 oz - just under 630 yards. (3.25mm needle) I bought a 4oz ball from Sarah's yarns so there were no ends to weave and I have enough for a second one. I like the basket weave end very much and want to make a second one just in basket weave next time.
I blocked it without wires, because I don't own any. Makes me wish I did, boy howdy!
I suppose I could have just as easily blocked it to 17" and gained a little length, but I'm not even 5'2" and the person it's for is shorter than I am, I think the width is more desirable. Increases the cozy factor IMO.
It was fun, I'm glad it's done!


LunariumArts said...

Your stole is really beautiful! It looks like you did a fine job of blocking despite the lack of a wire blocking kit. I hope that my stole looks even half as nice when I'm finished.

I know that KnitPicks has a blocking wires set (because I bought a set). There are a bunch of long wires and a yardstick, and rustproof pins, and more. I thought it was a really good buy for about $30.

I figured that since it looks like I'll be knitting a lot of lace from now on, I should probably have a blocking set

Amanda said...

It looks simply super. You've done a great job.

Cayli said...

The stole looks beautiful. You did a great job blocking it without wires.

I use wires I got from the welding supply store and love them. Cost me less than $5 for 30 rods.

stitchin' girl said...

I love your stole!! It is simply gorgeous!