Monday, September 3, 2007

Made it through the basketweave section!

Yea! I started this Hanami before MS3 and continued on for awhile. I picked it back up again this week and finished the last two repeats! Yes! That's done! Now I'll work on the transitional chart this week. It's beautiful! If I weren't so lazy, I'd get up and find the camera and yada, yada, yada! I'll get to that soon, I promise!

The basketweave section is much easier the more you repeat it. I had no problems picking right up and getting in a rhythm, even working on it in the car while riding around this afternoon.

So glad we're doing the KAL - that keeps me moving! And because I'm ahead of the group, maybe I'll have a shot at keeping up this time! Ha!

Chanda in Mississippi - cooler but oh so humid! (Cooler is a relative term - it was over 100 last week.)

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