Sunday, September 9, 2007

Week One Goal Met (No Pic)

I did in fact meet the goal of completing two repeats of the basketweave pattern, but since I am lengthening this stole, I'll be completing eight repeats total-- one of these weeks I'm going to have to go a little farther to keep up. I also added two pattern repeats within each row, for a total of six, so I am cutting myself some slack on the keep-up.
Also, I need a new needle: I didn't have a size two circular on hand so I have been knitting this so far on a pair of 6" size 2 dpns, and this is becoming really inconvenient. Plus, it made it impossible to take a good progress picture. However, it did furnish me with the perfect excuse to go out and buy an Addi Turbo Lace, which I will do on Tuesday.

1 comment:

Janis said...

"OOoo - ooooo, Stich-ay Woman,
See how high she fly-y-ys,
Ooooo-ooooo, Stich-ay Woman,
You need Addi Lace to go high-- igh!"

You're gonna love that Addi Lace needle - go for it!